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🌬️ Clean Cups, No Fuss

The QuickClean™ ensures cups are cleaned in record time, leaving you with more moments to enjoy. No more tedious washing – say hello to a hassle-free cup cleaning experience.

🚿 Effortless Operation

Convenience is key, and the QuickClean™ delivers. With a single press, you activate the high-pressure cup washing, making it user-friendly for anyone. No complicated processes, just straightforward efficiency.

High Pressure Cup Washer Faucet

Regular price   $49.00 Sale price   $19.99 Save 59%

Tired of spending precious minutes washing cups and glassware by hand? Say hello to the QuickClean™, the revolutionary faucet attachment that takes the hassle out of cleaning. With just one press, you can enjoy the convenience of quick, efficient cup cleaning, making it a must-have for both commercial establishments and home bars.

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